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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> look at this gobble sunrise outside, one of my personal favorite, shots, shilow in the distance, coloring pops over the horizon, nice clear sky, temperatures had a chance to drop off. one of the morning i would suggest dressing in layers, light jacket all you ready -- really need. little cooler down through the pinelands, millville, 35, oddball out, generally all mid upper who's at this hour, only warm it up from here, by the time we hit 99:00 a.m., talk about the turn around, sun popping over the horizon there is time of year really does its part on days like this to warm things up, sufficiently, so 64 already by 9:00 a.m. >> if you're stuck in the offers call day, the perfect time to get, upper 70s, tail end of the day, real dose of late may for us here, and depending how we do might even feel more like june in some spots as we see these
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temperatures whoever into the upper 70s, some might even crack 80 degrees, so just just phenominal. has to come to an end, tell you when the temperatures drop off coming up. >> thank you so much, katie, little dose of summer weather. thank you so much. past broad, we had disable vehicle, looks like they've probably just cleared that out of the way, great news for those every you in and around that area. schuylkill eastbound past the conshohocken curve. beautiful sun trying, and very busy roadways, schuylkill, one of the best yes, sir so far this morning if they have to jump on it, just know you have lot of company out there already. looking good, i would still say, fairly quiet. we know it will change as we push deep near the 6:00 hour. overall the ben franklin bridge looking good. >> it will be today, tomorrow, going to be the blue route, the entire lent of the blue route, both directions, wednesday, through friday, going to be the schuylkill,
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and the friday the vine street expressway, so verbal drive with caution. that will slow you down. crews will be out there. there will be some wet paint out there. mass transit looking good, no major delays at the airport and the wormed of air travel and also flyers versus the capitols game three in the series first home game 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> after the shooting of one of their own. >> officer shot while trying to stop two men from stealing a car. jan carabeo live at penn presbyterian medical center where the officer is recovering. >> philadelphia police officer at penn presbyterian in stable condition, two suspect are in custody. however, philadelphia police are still searching for a third suspect, and he is described as having short dredlocks, last seen wearing black hooded wet shirt, white emblem on the shoulder white writing on the back, today everyone just thankful this
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philadelphia police officer will recover. >> stand by. police rid yo 9:00 sunday night, moments after a philadelphia police officer was shot on the job. twenty-four year old officer james mccullough and partner were flack down here at 59th and market by a woman who needed help. she told the officers, two men were trying to steel her car. as they approach, two males exit the vehicle. they start today run. officer mccullough tackled one of the males. almost instantly he was shot in his left leg. the male got up, started running, northbound on salford street, officer mccullough pursued him, fired three times. >> the two suspect were eventually caught by other officers, and meanwhile, mccullough used his police training, pulled out his tourniquet, helped save his own life. >> but it is important to point out that he applied a tourniquet himself because he was bleeding profusely, and
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his partner went to his aid and brought him to the hospital. >> he looks good, he's very strong, strong handshake, strong conversation. so, you know being dangerous city, dangerous city and a loft guns out there. got to get the guns over the street and make sure so we're in good shape. >> meantime philadelphia police searching for third suspect involved in last night's altercation as officer mccullough recovers. >> this is what they do. it is a dangerous job. they do it with proud and professionally, we're very proud of them. >> officer mccullough has been with the philadelphia police department for two years, now, he has a two year old daughter and is also engaged. anyone with information about that third suspect; asked to call police. we're reporting live outside of pen presbyterian medical center this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke, jim, back to you. >> thanks for the update.
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>> more violence overnight three men shot in west oaklane there is happened, on sydenham street around 1:30 this morning, all three men showed up at einstein hospital in their own car, which also had bullet holes in it. twenty-nine year old is in critical condition. the other two victims are in stable condition. so far no arrests. >> philadelphia police have arrest add man in the shooting death of his four year old daughter in kensington. at first, maurice phillips told investigators the girl's five year old sibling was playing with the gun when it on the off inside the home in east mayfield street saturday. later phillips admitted he was the one holding the weapon, and it was an accident. he faces charges, including third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. >> firefighter is recovering after suffering an ankle injury, battling a two alarm fire in delaware county it happened 100 block ardmore avenue upper darby overnight. we're told the home was being renovated at the time. in one was living there. there is also no word on what sparked the flames.
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>> thousand cents of run remembers stretching and getting ready to start the 120th annual boston marathon today. >> this is the third marathon since the 2013 bomb that is killed three people and hurt hundreds more. don champion live near the finish line in boston where run remembers preparing for tightened security this morning, hey, don? >> good morning, just under three hours away from the start of the race, you can see over here, people already gathering around the finish line area about a million people will line the entire route and given the fact that the brussels terrorist attack happened within the past few months, police hearsay they're not letting their guard down today. >> on the over of the iconic boston marathon, workers painted symbolic blue line that guides runners to the finish line. along the 26.2-mile route, police will be form ago blue line of their own. >> we have a lot of undercover officers, working the crowd. we have bomb sniffing dogs.
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any marathon when you cover that amount of distance, unfortunately, you can never say the whole route is secure. >> boston police commissioner williams evans ran the 2013 race when two terrorists set off pressure cooker bombs near the finish line killing three people. patrick downs lost a leg in the bombing. today he'll run the marathon for the first time with his prosthetic leg, raising money for student with physical disability along the way. >> we want to help to ensure that other people with disability are also sell brat dollars so the obstacles that they've overcome. >> many runners taking part in the marathon had to qualify, some say the way the city came together after the bombings, inspires them to be here. >> just because that happened, we're not going to stop. we're not going to stop running. that's not going to be the end of this race. >> richard lesser crossed the finish line two minute before the bombing, and he says, today, is about moving forward. >> let's celebrate the fact that we're alive, that we're
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running, and that there is more good in this world than evil. >> 30,000 runners will take part in the race. >> and as if boston police already didn't have enough to deal with today, the boston red sox will be playing before a crowd of about 40,000 people, about a mile away from here. we should mention that today marks the 50th anniversary of the first woman competing the boston marathon. lots to celebrate today, jim, brock. >> that's great, don, thanks a lot. >> pennsylvania is the latest state to make medical marijuana legal. "eyewitness news" was in harrisburg, as governor tom wolf signed the historic bill into law. >> the law covers conditions that can be treated using medical marijuana. lawmakers expect it will take up to two years to implement a medical march with a juan a program, but there is a provision, allowing parents to use medical cannibis to treat kids, foray proved conditions.
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and that should start within a month. >> this is huge. i mean, this could potentially save his life and the lives of so many children sitting in here. >> pennsylvania now the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana, but of course it is still illegal under federal law. >> pennsylvania joins a host of other states, that have also legalized the use of medical marijuana. this list includes new jersey, and delaware. >> well, 25% of americans wait until the last minute to file their taxes, women, guess what that means? the last minute has arrived. you have until midnight tonight to file your taxes, or request a six month extension. but remember, even if you ask for an extension, you still have to pay any taxes you owe by today. coming up at 6:30, i'll let you know about some tax day deals, that companies are offering. still ahead this morning, campaign 2016. we'll have a look at what all of the candidates are doing in the last day before new york's make it or break it primary. >> plus, we're monitoring
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developments in ecuador, where powerful earthquake killed hundreds of people. aid is arriving. and we'll have new video of rescues overnight. >> and, another twist in the game of thrones drama. this one involving president obama. why a reporter is taking his case to the government. coming up. >> ♪ >> well, it is tax day. don't let the tax man come knocking on your door. did you file your taxes yet? we'll be right back. eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition that increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. you could be one of them. small lifestyle changes can help you avoid diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes.
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♪ well rescue operations are underway in ecuador this morning, after a very powerful earthquake. >> the death toll continues to rise. more than 200 people are confirmed dead and 2500 are hurt. the magnitude 7.8 quake was centered about 100 miles northwest of quoto. recently pulled from under the rubble of five story hotel. >> thousands of homes have been left without power. six provinces have declared a state of emergency and the national guard has been called in to help. >> meanwhile, us troops are assisting disaster relief efforts in japan, following two big earthquakes there. you can see survivors being rescued in this video from the southern part of the country, the earthquakes killed more than who people, injured 1500
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others. from bad news to good news, looks like an amazing day out there. >> katie, what's snapping. >> just another gorgeous day, you said t also little cool start, especially through some of the outlying most suburbs like the pinelands every new jersey for example, little further inland, toward central pennsylvania, where you have the open farmland, any heat that we manage to build up yesterday, can easily go right back up to the atmosphere, nice clear sky for us, as well, as we overlook middle township high school off in the distance you have the genesis bay, 47 degrees, beautiful start to the morning, just the kind of day that requires that you dress in layers, because later on, it is a shorts and t-shirts kind of afternoon. we'll explain as we move forward. for now, storm scan still totally empty as you might expect. off to the north, we do have front, this will be dropping south with time. this is what sends our temperatures on little bit after nosedive. take a look what happens here guys rest of the afternoon, nothing but sunshine, dropping south with time, see how it is starting to fizzle over up-state new york we see it
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roll through, couple of clouds. no big deal, right? running into high pressure, that's going to dominate, even though high pressure sort of dropping off and out of the way, allowing the front to cross through. it is no match for the front. we see it come through dry, little cooler for tomorrow and wednesday. and that is pretty much the story. beyond that point, we start to rebound yet again into the low 70s, by the tail end of the week however new storm system headed our way. in fact, it is the same system that's been bringing very, very nasty storms across the deep south, that finally has a chance to roll east, when it does, it will be bringing us some showers, as early as thursday night, probably few thunderstorms in the mix, too, friday. so, we keep you posted. timing still looks a little up in the air, but regardless, it is a late week problem for now. you got nothing but sunshine, your future is so bright ... >> i'm looking at saturday and sunday already, when is saturday and sunday looking like, and it's the beginning of the week. that's what i do. >> oh, boy. well, that is monday, and we
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can tell evidence by the roadway, certainly heating up right now. we do have two accident outside, first of the morning, get to those in just a moment. overnight construction all clearing out of the way. a look at 95 south at cottman, one of the busier stretches, certainly indeed heating up pretty of brake lights going off, no longer traveling at 55 miles per hour, slowing down right around that curve. so, take a look at this, those of you who have to jump on interstate 95 around cottman, girard, any place like that what you are working with right now. schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction at girard, see both directions right here. at girard, actually, looks pretty good on the schuylkill. we are seeing that heat up, obviously now, pushing into the 6:00 hour on monday morning, the schuylkill will get very busy. delaware county 95 north 452, look at that, though, looking gorgeous here, and starting to see that sun come up. going to have to pack your sunglasses today. we'll get some of the sun up, sundown, 422, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, heating up in the eastbound side, westbound side 422 looking great. that's by egypt road. first accident route 422
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> while runway expansion still coming no longer on the frontrunner of project planned at the airport.
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>> the president of atlantic city has the story of wild fire breaking out, in shamong township burlington county. the fire destroyed more than 100 acres along quaker bridge road. that's near wrote 206. >> in the burlington county times, nationwide program aimed at helping young girls gain speed on the track. development for girls grades in three through eight. >> that's a look at some of your newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, living in the executive mansion isn't only become of -- perk of being the president list. >> it turns out, journalist it is not get advanced copies of the hbo show game of thrones, while the white house did >> trying to have the president share his dvd, premiers sixth season sunday.
6:21 am
>> i've never seen that show. >> it is so good. all i have to say to you, is red weddings. >> okay? >> look it up. >> i don't know what that means. >> fast-food giant offering all you can eat fries. >> plus katie holmes makes her directorial debut, and the reviews are in, hear what the cast is saying about her next. our own katie, you have something first, right? >> i do. i have some good news too. gorgeous weather, continues, yet again, for yet another day, and it does have to try at some point. i'll tell you when the temperatures drop, the next rounds of wet weather o
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> get being attention for the try beck a film festival. >> katie holmes stars in all we, the film also her directorial debut, the drama about mother and daughter facing hard times. the cast is impressed with holmes as director, as well. her acting skills. my favorite directors i've ever worked with, when we had scene together, it is like acting with another actor, and then when she would want to direct me, she would pull me to the side instead of saying it in front of everybody, she was just really good with making it private, and not embarrassing you. >> now, holmes film based on the novel all we had, by annie
6:25 am
weatherwith wack. what are you doing so deep in the jingle? -- jungle? >> the jungle book was king of the box office, it is opening weekend. disney fantasy saga brought in more than $103 million, and it is a surprising debut for the film because analysts expecting much lower ratings. barber shop the next cut finished in second, brinking in 20.2 million. the boss, batman versus superman, zootopia rounded out the top five. >> coming up in the next half hour, i'll tell but some tax day deals you can cash in on today. >> also, this morning, a philadelphia police officer is recovering, after being shot in the leg. find out how he helped save his own life, plus, this: >> tuesday's presidential primary here in new york, could be critical for both republicans and democratics, i'm brooke silva brag a with
6:26 am
new pole result coming up. >> three accident outside, and line changing project that's going to certainly slow you down, all of this coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. we are waking up to some incredible weather, in fact, the best day of the week. >> we could reach 80 degrees today, but katie says rain will make a return in the forecast. she will let us know when the sunny streak comes to an end. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:29. almost 6:30, time to get you caught up. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> ♪ >> bleeding profusely. >> authority looking for third suspect wanted in the shooting
6:30 am
after philadelphia police officer last night. >> this office here was shot is now recovering, and he's list in the stable condition. >> this is huge. i mean, this could potentially save his life and the lives of so many children. >> medical marijuana is now legal in pennsylvania. >> the president of ecuador declared national emergency, after a huge magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocks the country. >> let's have a record breaking turn out. >> tuesday's primary is considered crucial, not only for the democratic candidate, but also, for the republican frontrunner. >> we have to win by big numbers. because we have a system, that is absolutely rigged. >> just because that happened, we're not going to stop. we're not going to stop running. >> more than 30,000 runners are expected for today's boston marathon. >> let's celebrate the fact that we're alive, and that
6:31 am
there is more good in this world than evil. >> well, i know people are in boston running the marathon today, specking good weather, and i'm assuming the same for us, katie, i look hine you, i see sun? >> nothing but bright blue sky, gorgeous sunrise underway, too, guys, i'm facing south, so the sun actually not visible to me, because i have a wall right here, but if you look out your east facing window you'll see beautiful colors across the sky right now. gorgeous day ahead. nice warm one, as well. and we talk about the boston marathon, really the entire northeast, looking at bright sunshine, couple of high clouds up near bean town, here at home, you have nothing overhead virtually just totally clear sky at the moment, and we can thank high pressure for that, it will continue to hook us up with gorgeous weather again today. forty-five temperature at ac, 49 in philadelphia, and, actually, warmer than it is at the shore, if you can believe it, even mount pocono, 47 at this hour. these temperatures, now that the sun's about ready to pop or it already is popping over
6:32 am
the who are eyes will starting to off to the is last here, i won't be shock if we end up maybe even little milder than 78 degrees, here today, but that's what we're shooting for officially at the airport, lot of sunshine, wall-to-wall around the entire tri-state area. right through the delaware vale, talking 60s at the shore, little cooler just because you have got the open ocean water influence on you. but, 71 degrees in the sun. even up in the poconos. absolutely stellar day. that said, it looks great if you have maybe tailgate plans down at citizens bank park at the well, but the warmth is peaking here, today, and there is a cold front looming, just off to the north. that's going to be crossing through, later tonight, and specifically tomorrow. and as it does does it bring wet weather with it? hooch of a cool down behind the front bit later in the show. >> looks looking great out, there happy monday just wacking up with us on the roadways, things looking okay, although just over the past 20
6:33 am
minute,. >> construction starting to heat up, once you jump on the schuylkill break likes, looking very slow around the area. just so you know head out the door, might want to give yourself some extra time in the area. all right, accident involving injuries, cheltenham avenue closed right now at washington lane. make note of this. you will have to use an alternate. stenton avenue or ogontz avenue is your best bet to get around this. again, cheltenham avenue is closed right now, this accident is involving injuries, harleysville main street at oak drive, another popped up, as well, 422 eastbound before san towing a anywhere in the areas there is going to be some flashing lights will cause you some slow downs. also, line painting project, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. all week long, today, and tomorrow, it will be the blue
6:34 am
route, both directions, both directions of the blue route, and the entire extension wednesday through friday the schuylkill. same thing both directions, all directions, the entire lent of it, friday will be the vine street expressway, that is certainly going to slow us down, any time we have crews out there dealing with wet paint. so you can just make note of that. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a philadelphia police looking for third suspect, in connection with a shooting after officer. investigators say officer james mccullough and his partner responded to attempted car theft near 59th and market last night. the officers say they approached two men who start today run from the car, and police say one of the men shot mccullough in the leg. but the officer's quick thinking saved his life. >> it is important to point out that he applied a tourniquet himself, because he was bleeding profusely, and his partner went to his aid and brought him to the hospital. >> officer mccullough is in stable condition. police describe the third suspect, as the man with short dredlocks, who was last seen
6:35 am
wearing a black hoodie with a white emblem on the shoulder and white writing on the back. if you have any information, please call philadelphia police. >> meanwhile, suspected robber is killed in a police involved shooting in vineland. cumberland county prosecutor say exchanged gunfire with police, before he was fatally shot. police say bard and another suspect robbed a man near seventh and cherry street. police are searching for the other suspect. philadelphia police seize dozens of illegal vehicles, and dirt bikes, across the city. they got 06 atv's -- by the observation of street eights part of city-wide initiative. officers made three arrest was charges including narcotics violations anal looting police. police say these illegal ride remembers tearing up baseball fields, ruining parks, and hurting people. in two month, police seized about 200 atv's and dirt bikes. if you see anyone riding them around the city call police. in tomorrow's new york primary, donald trump looking for big win and hillary clinton hopes to slow down
6:36 am
bernie sanders, who is looking to upset clinton in a state both call home. as brooke reports, candidates are pushing hard for votes. >> presidential candidate bernie sanders may be trailing hillary clinton, by ten points, in the new york primary. that is the gap in the latest cbs news poll for the vermont senator received rock star treatment at massive brooklyn rally. >> no president, not bernie sanders or anyone else, can do it alone. >> let's have a record breaking turn out. >> the two candidates crisscross new york city's five borrows sunday. hillary clinton salsa danced at block party in washington heights, then campaigned in staten island. >> part whatever we have to do every election is actually look at our problems and figure out how we're going to solve them. we need people that will roll up our sleeves and get to work on solutions. >> tuesday's primary is considered crucial, not only
6:37 am
for the two democratic candidates, but also, for the republican frontrunner. >> we have a very, very big vote coming up, on tuesday, and that vote is so vital, and wove to win by big numbers, because we have a system that is absolutely rigged. >> polls show donald trump holding commanding lead in new york over ted cruz and john kasich, a big win on tuesday would give him the bulk of delegates, and put him on narrow path, the 1237 he needs, to clinch the republican nomination. in new york, brooke silva-braga. >> right now, we are following breaking news, looking live at two alarm fire that's burning in a house in bayonne, new jersey. you can see the flames just shooting out of the roof. firefighters are pouring water on the house trying to keep the flames from spreading. so far no word on any injuries. but we're going to keep following this fire right now burning in bayonne. so have you completed your taxes yet? the deadline midnight tonight.
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and this morning's "3 on your side" report, take a look at several companies and restaurant offering tax day deals, to take a little bit of that pain away after filing your return. >> today you can literally sing for your supper or well at least your lunch from 12:00 to 2:00 hard rock cafe offering free legendary burger and fries at participating locations, a catch, do you have channel your inner artist and sing a song on the cafe stage. that is why they're calling the promotion sing for your supper. >> in the mood for something sweet? great american cookies is offering one free regular original chocolate chip cookie today just for the asking. meanwhile, other restaurants are offering discounts, or special tax day pricing parities patting boston market location also offering tax day special, while supplies last. a half chicken individual meal with two sides and cornbread, plus a regular fountain drink and cookie for $10.40. while boca wants to give you tax break with coupon good for
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18% off of your purchase today. >> you can fine the coupon on line, also post it later on my facebook and twitter feeds f while doing taxes you realize you have been keeping a lot of paperwork for no reason, swing by staples today. they will allow to you shred 5 pounds every documents for free today. coming up: new advice on the zika virus, find out what health experts are saying about women who want to get pregnant. >> talking flyers, patrick? >> good morning, guys. yes, live at the wells fargo center here, game three, against the washington capitols, is tonight. the flyers have a bit of a hill to climb. i'll talk to flyers alum, who tells us, if it is possible. that's coming up. >> and, all you can eat french fries at mcdonald's, it is happening, find out where and what other changes the fast-food giant is making. >> ♪
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back. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama
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and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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>> thousands of runners are participating in the 120th annual boston marathon today. >> last minute preparations are underway for the 26.2-mile race, it starts at 8:50 this morning, security will be tight, as nearly a million people are expected to line the streets to watch, and cheer on runners along the course. this is of course the third race since the 2013 bombings that killed three people, and hurt more than 260. well, this image captured the world's attention in 2013, boston marathon bombing survivor jeff bauman wheeled away after losing both of his legs, in the attacks. the new jersey native wrote a book about that day, and his recovery. and now, that memoir stronger, is going to be a movie starring jake. >> putting hope out there, positive at this out there,
6:44 am
you know, given the state of the world as it is, most important thing we can do, and i know both of us feel that responsibility. >> now, he has been in boston for more than a month, still naming the movie stronger. that will film expected to hit theatres sometime next year. >> well, the runners boston will certainly have nice weather, for the run. >> that is true. and, i hear, we will soon, right, kate? >> absolutely looking at fantastic weather in the northeast in general. eventually, that has to go by the wayside, that's going to come courtesy of the next storm system, which really more than anything only makes it -- high pressure finally breaking down, we go ahead, take a look at the weather watcher network, temperature in the 50's, a a lot of variation this morning, some spots cool they are morning, so few three's, few 40's, certainly already some 50's, we sort of take it hyper locally, basically, just across the delaware, starting to kick off in willingboro, lot of clear sky, bright sunshine, 44 degrees coming into us from kenneth.
6:45 am
comment: the birds are inning something and looks to be really great day. just across the river, though, take it further off to the northwest, frank checks in with full sunshine, 51 degrees, in richboro, right now, another great day, and telling everyone with good advice to get out, enjoy it while you can, right? forty-eight comes into us from barbara lane, she, too, seeing full sunshine out in willow grove. so running theme, with high pressure still in place, entire eastern seaboard just looking at sunshine right now. frontal boundary dropping south, does have some wet weather with it right now, but will be fizzling as it migrate south. this is the message, bringing in an outbreak of so much severe weather over the last couple of days back across texas, oak home, a portions of arkansas, this eventually starts it migrate east, high pressure starts to breakdown. so, until that happens, those poor folks, across the planes, stuck with the severe weather for little bit after time here. but once that high breaks down, that is when we are going to start to see things shift in the atmosphere, and we are going to eventually see temperatures drop off at least little bit here. so that comes first and for
6:46 am
most, with that first runny showed you second ago. that doesn't get here until tomorrow. so you have perfect day for tailgating, outside citizens bank park today and perfect inside, lots of fantastic weather all the way around. 71 degrees, though, as they take on the mets, beginning that series, looking forward in the forecast tomorrow when the front comes through. so, 70 degrees, i know, it sounds cooler, still above average, even despite cold front passage. sixty-four wednesday. then rebounding again, and by friday we will see the next round of storms come along, could start as showers as early as thursday night, especially friday, looking to be the wettest day right now of the next seven days, meisha? >> gorgeous day for the sporting event, thanks, katie. good morning, happy monday, blue route headlights moving in the southbound direction past route one, look how busy it is getting as we push toward our main hour of the rush hour, 7:00 a.m. as we push toward that, very much slowing down on the blue route, 95 south at girard, really start to slow down girard, looking at cottman,
6:47 am
busy there, as well. accident here, in trenton, new jersey, overturned tractor-trailer 95 south, you can see this at princeton pike, two right lanes are blocked, this is most certainly going to slow you down in and around that area. and also another accident involving injuries. cheltenham avenue was blocked, for quite some time now. one lane is open at washington lane. you can still use alternate, but one lane now open, as they are getting this moved out of the way. accident harleysville, all clear, another accident here, route 422, eastbound, before sanatoga. make note of this there is can slow you down, not yet moved out of your way, also line painting project 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today and tomorrow on the blue route. entire lent of the blue route both directions, jim, over to you. >> thanks, update now on the zika virus, top public health official says there is no reason for women in the u.s. to worry about getting pregnant as long as they stay away from countries that have outbreaks. doctors anthony of the national institutes of health says there have been no transmission cases in the united states, he adds, the
6:48 am
virus needs to be monitored closely, during the summer mosquito season. johnny dep and his wife plead guilty in providing false immigration document to australia. check out this mob scene. as well, there was a mob scene, excuse my, as dep and a.m. err came into court. accused of smuggling the couple's dogs while dep had a movie. that's the scene we're telling but, those charges dropped as part of the plea. video you saw earlier the couple apologizing, video played during the hearing. >> when you disrespect australian law, they will tell you. >> i am truely sorry it was not declared. protecting australia is important. >> clear everything when you enter australia. >> heard also had a to pay a $1,000 fine, but she won't go to jail for pistol and boo. >> the time now 6:48. a lot more coming up on cbs
6:49 am
this morning. >> charlie roads joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> hey, good morning, brooke, jim. we are in ex door, with the rescue efforts after a massive deadly quake. plus, bernie sanders is in studio 57, and this here with ways to protect your data. a 60 minutes investigation last night, revealed how easy hacking your phone can be. and the new twist that could land a woman on the 20-dollar bill instead of the ten. that and more of the news back in the morning, and we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> thanks, charlie, i look forward to it. >> meanwhile the flyers are bringing playoff who can toy south philly tonight. >> first time in two seasons, and tonight's game is the first home game since the death of ed snider. our own pat gal send live at the wells fargo center more on today's game three. you have a former flyer with you. he knows a little something about playoff hockey, too, right, pat? >> reporter: yes, no doubt about that, guys. jim and brooke, good morning,
6:50 am
i'm here with brad marshall. bring him in in just a serbs flyers back in the 80s, also the president of the flyers alumni association, but the flyers have uphill battle coming at them, starting tonight, 7:00, right here at the wells fargo center, game three against the washington capitols, but they are down two games to none. now, it is not an insurmountable, you know, series at two-nothing, but here is the deal, washington capitols are a very good team. and they have stars like alexandra, and braydon, the goal tender, they've been unable to solve and in game two as you recall steve mason gave up the crazy goal, that cannot happen for the rest of the series. so tough one ahead here in game three. game four also will be here in philadelphia, but let's bring in brad marshall. let's talk to him, the president of the alumni association, thanks to getting up early with us. >> happy to be here. >> look being back at game two, tough one, what do the flyers need to do differently to get themselves back in this series? >> well, first and for most, they have to forget about game
6:51 am
two, forget about game one. we're back on home ice tonight. and, you know, they've been playing under the gun biggest game of the year scenario for a long time. i expect great things just as we saw time and time again down the stretch. >> you and i were talking about off camera how great braydon has been, washington capitols goaltender, really unable to solve him. just keep throwing the puck at the net, maybe something good happens? >> that's what do you have do. put the puck at the net. get in his space, et cetera, et cetera. surprise me, i think do. get the credit perhaps what he's doing due, he has good team ahead of him. but he really showed his worth in the two games. >> we put a loft rubber at him, we have to keep it up. >> the flyers from their perspective, stars are not quite shown up offensively, claude, jake, did have goal in game two, but again, generate that offense, been kind of tough there is washington capitol team not only good
6:52 am
with goaltending, but de ends i havely solid. >> a lot has to go to the new coach that brought in barry. he has the superstars playing whole game, not just in the offensive zone. big pat in the back to the new coach, the new scenario that he brought in. but, you know, our guys, they just have to find a way they've been stars, and a lot of teams, a lot of coaches that have tried to shut them down, tried to figure out how to shut them down. they had to play through it, not just this series, but they've been stars a long time, they'll finds a way. claude too good a player to not to get points on the board and the rest of them, as well. >> you have been around the organization for quite a while. and you know, you new ed snider very well, you're president of the alumni association, i'm sure you worked with him closely. what kind of man? obviously the first game since his death? >> well, i think all of the tributes that have come in, you know, speak volumes, and
6:53 am
everyone knows what casino of man he was, what's unique about the man, the stories no one new, the stories coming out, that he helped this person, or he helped this alumni, or he helped this alumni wife or kids. and then it goes further than that. he helped this charitable group, et cetera, et cetera. he's just done tremendous job here in philadelphia. he set the bar high for any professional sport team to follow their blueprint if you will, and just, you know, as sad as it is, it is also in my mind a great celebration of a great man who built a great franchise, so sort of looking forward to thursday, i i don't know if that's the right way to term it, but it will be amazing, really neat tribute on thursday afternoon to add. >> brad, thank you so much. we appreciate getting up early with thus morning. >> no problem. happy to be here. >> former flyers defenseman, the quest for the cup for the flyers, need win tonight. this is what they've got to do. got to get these shirts, get
6:54 am
the quest for the cups shirt, hope that they can come back in this series down two games to none. jim, brooke, throw it back to you. >> two easy steps to help. >> yes. >> t-shirt and hope. >> exactly. >> thanks, pat. >> well, there is something coming to mcdonald's. >> and it has got some things in common with the popular local convenience store, donald says its new business model includes automated kiosk, just like wawa, customers will place their order there, choose interesting customizeable burgers and deserts, also considering all you can eat fries. but pick your jaws up. right now the only mcdonald's equipped for all of that will be in st. joseph, missouri, opening this july. well, well, we'll be right back, with three things you need to know before you go. >> it is three to go next.
6:55 am
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>> before you head out the door. >> three to go. >> philadelphia police officer is recovering in stable condition after being shot in the leg last night, two suspect have been arrested, one more remains at large. >> medical marijuana now legal in pennsylvania. but, cannibis can be used to treat 17 different conditions, including seizures, and cancer? and it is tax day, you have until midnight to file your
6:59 am
taxes or request an extension. >> and that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> yes, and with the it err, i mean, pretty much phenominal, continues to be so, today ends up the warmest day of the pack, center city skyline in the distance, beautiful beginning to the morning, now that the sun's up, temperatures will only climb from here, so the warmest day, as we flirt with 80 this afternoon, meisha. >> thanks so much, katie. overturned box truck caring bricks in trenton, new jersey, 95 south at princeton pike, two right lanes, are blocked, and also, an accident involving injuries, cheltenham, washington lane, one lane is open there. >> thank you so much, meisha a well, cbs this morning is next with more on campaign 2016. the gop and democrat gear up for tom's new york primary. >> remember to joining us bright and early each weekday morning starting 4:30 in the morning. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, april 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." severe weather is slamming the country's midsection. a flash flooding emergency sparks overnight rescues in texas. millions could be hit today. desperation and despair after a massive earthquake kills hundreds. we're in ecuador with the search for survivors. donald trump says there might be violence if republicans do not nominate him. and bernie sanders returns to studio 57. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. [ applause ] national emergency declared in ecuador following a 7.8-magnitude earthquake


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